Everyday Heroes: Prince David

May 6, 2021
Everyday Heroes

A caregiver. A helping hand. A listening ear. A friend.

These are our Everyday Heroes.

“Prince’s dedication to the person he supports is remarkable. During a temporary transition to another home, Prince worked closely with his DSP peers and his supervisor to ensure that the person he supports was safe and comfortable. When moving into a second temporary home, Prince worked tirelessly to ensure that they would have a smooth transition. Prince has engaged with the larger team, including the SCO, and in doing so has always presented his perspectives in a professional, caring manner with the focus being on what is best for the person he supports.”

- Brenda Sorber, Director, Program Operations

Thank you to all our DSPs for their unwavering dedication and the hard work they do to make the life visions of the people we support a reality each and every day.

Do you know an exceptional DSP who exemplifies our core values? Handles crises easily? Is a good friend and companion to a person we support? Or simply greets each day with a positive attitude? Nominate them on our website!

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