InVision Behavioral Health Welcomes New Director

November 5, 2019
InVision News

InVision welcomes Dr. Michael Greisler, PsyD, LCSW, as the new director of InVision Behavioral Health (IBH). His inspiring vision for IBH facilitates exciting new changes that will transform our approach to mental health services.

IBH recognizes the need among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for access to quality, comprehensive, and innovative treatments for mental illnesses. We respond to the needs of the people we support through psychotherapy, assessment, and consultation, including both individual and group psychotherapy with strategies for medication management. Dr. Greisler will lead us in expanding these vital services to reach even more people in our surrounding communities.

IBH is exploring new opportunities with community partners who also serve the IDD/DD community to expand and strengthen our programs while developing necessary services that are currently unavailable to needy populations. We remain committed to providing world-class care to our existing clients during this transition.

An alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh—where he received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and his Master of Social Work—and Carlow University—where he received his Doctorate in Counseling Psychology—Dr. Greisler has spent more than 20 years in the mental health field with particular skill and experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder and mood, psychotic, and anxiety disorders. He spent his career developing new programs to help people, including a transitional summer camp for college-bound teens with ASD and supportive housing for people with opioid use disorder. He brings to InVision a wealth of expertise in the IDD/DD community that will be instrumental as IBH continues to define its new direction.

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