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May 4, 2020
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We often don’t realize how social we are at work until we...aren’t. InVision’s training program was built not only to help new DSPs feel prepared and properly equipped to serve the people we support, but also to give them the crucial in-person connections needed to feel confident and aligned in their work.

Learning in your own silo isn’t fun, so our new Director of Learning and Development, Erin Osborne, and her team at InVision reworked our training program to accommodate social distancing guidelines without sacrificing quality content and instruction.

Moving to New Formats

We’re living in a “new normal”, and the changes we’ve made to the training program reflect this. Learning opportunities will be divided into multiple formats, such as eLearning, videos through Relias, and online live sessions using Microsoft Teams.

What we’re doing for new hires

New hires are welcomed to the InVision team with a two-week onboarding program. This begins with a virtual welcome call with trainers and other new hires to lay out the framework for setting themselves up for success, Brady Bunch-style! The call will prepare new hires to work from home and explain the expectations for eLearning in Relias and online live training, including using a webcam. While using a webcam may be uncomfortable for some people, it deepens personal connection and helps facilitate engagement, mood, and social stability. But if a new hire doesn’t have access to a webcam, accommodations are made.

Each new hire has also been assigned 1:1 time with their trainer to support their learning with opportunities to ask questions and review or clarify materials. They’re encouraged to make use of this time and fully commit to the experience of learning their new role. While each new hire must meet some benchmarks to leave their training period, they have full control over how much they continue to learn moving forward.

Despite the constraints of a national health crisis, new DSPs are still required to complete one week of on-the-job shadowing with a peer after the two-week onboarding.

We’re committed to fostering a positive experience for our new employees, so at the end of the two-week program we request learner feedback. This feedback allows us to continually evaluate our new learning format and optimize them for each person’s success.

What we did for trainers

Since the skills needed for classroom instruction don’t always translate to virtual learning, our trainers quickly learned and implemented best practices for virtual teaching to ensure our learners remained engaged.

InVision's Learning and Development team.

All of our trainers teach from their experience within the direct support field. They are specialists who have been selected to prepare our new employees for the standards required to keep the people we support safe and happy. InVision’s Learning and Development team have created an innovative, blended learning program that continues to challenge and empower new hires as they learn the responsibilities of their role.

We recognize that some portions of trainings need to be held live in-person once we resume in the office, and we can’t wait to see everyone again!

What remains the same for existing staff

Continuing to develop our staff is more important than ever, not only to maintain standards but also to create growth opportunities. We also wanted to ensure our existing staff was able to continue to grow and maintain their regulatory continuous education requirements. To that end, all our staff can continue to utilize the Relias training portal for specific online courses that can be assigned and completed based on interest. Course topics include:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Compliance and Safety
  3. Behavioral Support
  4. Supervision
  5. Learning Fundamentals
  6. And more.

We encourage everyone to undertake at least one course that is not required of them. You are in control of your learning and development, and we support your needs.

What the future holds

Remote teams are facing big challenges, and we get it. They find it difficult to facilitate connections with their team members; align on the mission, goals, and tasks; and provide personal and career growth opportunities. But we’re confident that our revamped learning opportunities will remain vigorous and engaging for everyone during these difficult times.

Aaron Borchert

Director, Marketing & Communications

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