New Employee Benefits Announced at InVision

February 27, 2020
InVision News

As our President & CEO Ruth Siegfried always says: “Our greatest strength is our staff.” So, it is with great pleasure that InVision is announcing new employee benefit programs to say “Thank you!” to our workforce.

InVision Employee Discount Program with Access Perks

Saving money matters to everyone. We know that each employee values cost savings, so InVision is debuting a program designed to help our employees take advantage of hundreds of discounts in all aspects of their lives.

As we considered what more we could do to support our employees outside of work, we looked at the idea of an employee discount program that was flexible and easy to use to help employees and their families save money. Our new program provides cost savings for a variety of services, products, entertainment, and much more.

InVision’s discount program is accessible via an internet browser and mobile app, allowing employees to access discounts wherever they are. By simply entering a US zip code, discounts populate based on the selected location. Employees will find savings on everything from restaurants to movie tickets to vacations and more. There are even online discounts available.

Employees can also utilize the “Recommend a Retailer” option to identify a favorite retailer or restaurant that’s not already in the discount program for our partners to contact and discuss becoming a participant.

If any employee has questions or encounters problems with the program, they can call 1-877-408-2603 for a representative who can assist them.

U$X Federal Credit Union Partnership

As an organization, we continue to look at ways to engage our employees on what’s important to them, and we understand that the typical benefits aren’t all that matters. Our employees work hard for us, so we wanted to have an option that will support them with their personal goals.

We asked ourselves what would really benefit our employees. Finances influence many of the decisions we make in life: What can we save? How do we plan long term? How can we make that big purchase?

To address these questions, we've partnered with U$X Federal Credit Union, and all employees now have the opportunity to apply for membership. As a member of this credit union, employees have access to tons of benefits like online banking, a free credit score analysis, various loan options, and much more.

Membership at this credit union benefits not only employees, but also their immediate family members as they open savings and checking accounts; take out loans; and access other helpful financial tools.

U$X is based in Western Pennsylvania, but our Eastern Pennsylvania employees are absolutely included in this partnership. Employee location will not impact the ability to bank with U$X. They understand our employees span across the state, and they were clear in their intentions to provide InVision employees and their families great customer service as they utilize the many services offered.

All the information regarding U$X Federal Credit Union is in UltiPro’s “U$X Federal Credit Union” section within “Electronic Forms.” Employees will find detailed instructions on how to open an account, access member coupons, and obtain information regarding all member benefits. Additionally, if employees have any questions about U$X membership, they can contact our representatives via the contact information in UltiPro.

Patty Scotti

Manager, Corporate Human Resources

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