New Recruiting Solution Unveiled at InVision

December 20, 2019
InVision News

Earlier this month, InVision debuted its new recruiting solution: UltiPro Recruiting. Located within the UltiPro software, this upgrade adds new functionality to help current and prospective employees better navigate opportunities at InVision.

Job-hunting can be frustrating, and the experience is easily burdened by complicated application processes or confusing instructions. UltiPro’s recruiting module helps alleviate these typical problems by offering a visually appealing platform and a system designed to help candidates identify the jobs that align best with their interests.

To stay competitive in the market, creating an attractive and more efficient environment for engaging talent was a high priority for InVision, especially since a job candidate’s first impression of a company comes during the recruitment and hiring process.

“[Their] first experience with our organization is with recruiting, and we want their experience learning about us and applying for positions to be a smooth one,” said Patty Scotti, InVision’s manager of corporate human resources.

But the upgrade wasn’t only about improving job candidates’ experience with recruiting. UltiPro Recruiting allows our recruiters more options for reporting and monitoring activity on jobs, and it offers new ways for them to interact with candidates. The system is more flexible, and its user-friendliness will be helpful as HR continues to build upon changes to their recruiting and hiring procedures.

“The Human Resources recruiting team worked hard to ensure a seamless migration to the new module, and they did a great job handling the project."

UltiPro Recruiting makes the application process easier and more personal for candidates. It requires them to create online profiles where they can upload all their relevant skills, experiences, and certifications to help recruiters get to know more about them and why they’d be a perfect fit at InVision. A handy one-stop-shop, this profile can be used to apply to various positions without having to fill out multiple applications.

One of the upgrade’s most anticipated tools, “Discover Your Potential”, offers a better method of identifying relevant positions, including a more fluid and comprehensive approach to the search function. By responding to a questionnaire, a candidate builds a quick snapshot of their qualifications that populates job opportunities that are the best match for them. Since the responses are recorded for future use, candidates can opt into job alerts which will notify them in real time of relevant open positions.

UltiPro Recruiting isn’t limited to only external candidates. Current InVision staff will find an already active profile in the system when they log into UltiPro using their regular credentials.

Interested candidates can visit the updated career page on our website which will lead them to the UltiPro Recruiting platform.

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