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January 27, 2021
InVision News

Innovation and customization doesn’t stop at the services we provide to the people we support. InVision is dedicated to building environments that encourage lifelong learning and promote personal and professional wellbeing, inside and outside of the workplace.

Supporting our employees is among the highest priorities for InVision’s Human Resources team. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced new challenges to our lives, and the Health & Wellness Webinar Series was launched in response to help staff learn new strategies for managing stressors, among other beneficial tips for daily life.

“We know our employees are busy, and this past year has been challenging,” said Patty Scotti, InVision’s manager of corporate human resources. “These webinars were another way for [InVision] to support our team members.”

The series began with the goal of providing staff with a broad range of options to expand their knowledge in personal and professional wellness—from topics like financial literacy, time management strategies, and building healthy habits—in an accessible, virtual format perfect for a 24/7 industry.

“We offer [the Health & Wellness Webinar Series]…in a format that allows our workforce to participate in a convenient manner,” Patty said. “We also provide links so those who cannot attend can still view the information [at a later date].”

Human Resources looks at this webinar series—and many of its other informational offerings—as an extension of the benefits provided to InVision staff.

“We want to provide a well-rounded benefits package to our employees,” Patty added. “…[Not only] the benefits we offer (like medical benefits), [but also] education, consultation, and many other services that can enrich our employees’ lives.”

The Health & Wellness Webinar Series is only the beginning of many plans to bring even more benefits to our staff to encourage personal and professional growth on a schedule that works for everyone. Participation is easy and seamless, and Human Resources is confident that this type of knowledge sharing will only continue to grow at InVision.

Have you attended a Health & Wellness webinar yet? Check in on UltiPro’s home page for news about how to register for upcoming sessions or keep an eye on your email—news will be shared when new sessions become available. The series will run until April 2021.

For questions about the webinars or how to register, please call or email Ashley Greene, InVision’s benefits specialist, at 724-933-5101 or agreene@invisionhs.org.

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